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San Francisco, CA


Monica Loos

art / design / paper goods

selling original art, art prints and paper goods based on paintings and designs made my monica in san francisco, california.

for commission availability, please contact me directly.



little bits from my studio, my home, my life, and my brain

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From the Sketch Book: Things

Monica Loos

A couple of pages from my sketchbook. The top one is "things in our bedroom" and the second is "things in the double parlor", which we call the TV Room. And unlike, Downton Abbey, in Casa de Loos, the double parlor does not lead to the drawing is just a small room with a giant TV. studio is just a few steps away and I do draw in it, so...?

things in our bedroom

things in our bedroom

things in the double parlor

things in the double parlor

365 Days in My Kitchen: 056

Monica Loos


This guy, and two others, sits on a "living art" piece on my kitchen wall. Several years ago, I painted a plywood board white and, using Mod Podge, adhered long paper leaves cut from an old super-sized calendar I had onto the board. Drove in a few nails I thought were pretty good looking, and hung the tillandsias using wire. Takes up some of the previously empty wall space. Here is a photograph:


Thanks for reading!

365 Days in My Kitchen: 017

Monica Loos

365_017 Enameled lemon + lime juicer. I love beautiful kitchen tools. This guy has resided in our kitchen utensil drawer for about 8 years. Trusty, fellow.

I am not using my normal watercolor paper for these daily kitchen illustrations, so the paint behaves in ways I'm not used to, nor do I always love it, but it's also interesting to see the color do it's thing.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 011 & 012

Monica Loos

boiling potatoes Didn't post day 11 illustration on day 11 of my project, as soccer games, Blue Angels and Oktoberfest consumed much of my waking hours. A day late, this illustration is of a pot of potatoes boiling, well on their way to becoming Omi's Kartoffel Salat.

And below is our napkin holder. A little piggie, let's call him Wilbur, I purchased from Target earlier this year.


365 Days in My Kitchen: 001

Monica Loos

Inspired by the super amazing Lisa Congdon (artist, illustrator and teacher from Oakland CA), I've taken on a self-imposed challenge of making a sketch everyday for the next YEAR. I spend more time than I'd like to in my kitchen. Yes, the kitchen is a place to gather and feast; for family and love and friends. And all that is great! It is also the place for crumbs on the floor, spills on the table, sticky pans and things that do not belong in the kitchen (read: soccer balls and dirty socks). But, I I spend much time in our home's kitchen and as I do love food and kitchen tools, I thought it the perfect place to find the objects for my daily sketch. Today is day one, and I think nothing would be more appropriate for the first sketch as a cup of coffee. Here she is.