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San Francisco, CA


Monica Loos

art / design / paper goods

selling original art, art prints and paper goods based on paintings and designs made my monica in san francisco, california.

for commission availability, please contact me directly.



little bits from my studio, my home, my life, and my brain

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365 DAYS IN MY KITCHEN: 237 + 238

Monica Loos

First, let me say that I fell deep into vacation mode in July. It was lovely spending time with family, traveling and celebrating the in-laws 50th wedding anniversary! Thus my sparse posting the last few weeks. I'm back now and working away. Hope everyone here is having a good summer.guava / monica loos


Such deliciousness in such a little package. I made this image using a drawing app on my ipad. The 13 second, sped-up video of the process can be seen on my Instagram feed.

donut / monica loosSprinkle Donut

365 Days in My Kitchen: 152

Monica Loos

365_152 El Mango

There are more mango portraits in my future. Next time, I will not start at 10:30PM, but today has been one of those days.

Mangos remind me of my grandmother. Her favorites were avocados, but she did have a mango tree in her backyard (el solar) in Colombia. Also a loofah tree. Fond, fond memories.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 126

Monica Loos

365_126 Sweet Potatoes

We did a sweet potato tasting. Now, I know the one on the left was a Japanese Sweet Potato, but my husband, who purchased them, just called the other one a basic sweet potato, and my 7 year old decided it was an American Sweet Potato, but I'm not sure. Maybe a Hannah? Regardless, I slightly favored the one on the right and both would make for excellent sweet potato pancakes.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 111 + 112 + 113

Monica Loos

365_111 Shiner

My husband's beer of choice to accompany the chili he made for Super Bowl Sunday. You can take the boy out of Texas... 365_112

Honey Dipper


May have had too much caffeine before sitting down to draw long straight lines!

365 Days in My Kitchen: 110

Monica Loos

365_1010 Popcorn

Not sure what to say about popcorn other than if you are a mircowave popcorn eater, I urge you to pop a batch at home straight from the kernel. You won't turn back. It's kind of like going from "baby carrots" to peeling your own carrots: night and day.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 109

Monica Loos

365_109 Banana Coins

Really it's just sliced banana, but when our boys were little (well, littler), my husband would call these "banana coins" because it's just more fun to eat coins, isn't it? I dunno. I did used to love those little chocolate coins when I was little...