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San Francisco, CA


Monica Loos

art / design / paper goods

selling original art, art prints and paper goods based on paintings and designs made my monica in san francisco, california.

for commission availability, please contact me directly.



little bits from my studio, my home, my life, and my brain

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365 Days in My Kitchen: 106

Monica Loos

365_106 Vintage Slotted Spoon

I know it's from Germany and that it's been around for a long time, but I don't know much more. Given to us by my MIL - like so many things in my kitchen, which I'm not sure I realized until I started this project. I have this spoon nailed to the wall upright like this with the two ceramic fish I painted on day 062 dangling from the nail too.

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Monica Loos

I have been on a summer vacation tour with my family, which is wrapping up in just a couple days. Our home city, San Francisco, has a reputation for having a chilly July and I have found this to be mostly true. Having grown up on the East Coast, summer to me includes a visit to a very hot and humid beach where you can enter the water without donning a wetsuit. A stint in Bethany Beach, DE was part of our adventure, as was visiting grandparent set #1 in Houston, TX and set #2 in Arlington, VA. But I digress...

In addition to looking forward to sleeping in my own bed with my soft, lovely sheets and making a perfect cup of coffee in our recently purchased Moccamaster, I am looking forward to getting back to my art class!!! Ever the sucker for a class and having too many years pass without one, I started attending a once-a-week art class down the street from my kiddos school in early Spring. During the school year it's great, as it is held during the day, but summer vacation has made attendance a little trickier.

I've been taking pictures of whichever project I'm working on at the end of each class. to share with my husband and boys. It's fun to watch the progress - sometimes big, sometimes not. Here is one of my favorites so far and my 2nd chalk pastel. Messy, yes, but I've grown quite fond of it.



I went to the Alameda flea market with a friend a couple months ago and found this great vintage gold wooden frame with white canvas inlay. Amazing what a great frame can do!

Next up, I'll be working with pen + ink + watercolor. Can't wait!